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The Big10’s New Digs

The Big10’s New Digs

As summer finally shines upon the Midwest, I can’t help but look forward to fall and college football.  Only a few weeks ago we saw 30 players selected in the NFL Draft. While we may have loved watching them in the past, we have to forget about them and set our sights on the upcoming...

Bowl Bound – Week 10

After finishing ten weeks of college football, here is a list of all the teams that would be playing in a bowl if the season ended today:

Michigan vs Michigan State: Breaking Down the Rivalry Game

This Saturday, the Michigan Wolverines travel to the Spartan Stadium to face their instate rival, the Michigan State Spartans. After a 7-1 run in the early 2000s, Michigan dropped 4 in a row and stole last year’s game in a tight 12-10 victory. After a 6-1 start full of close calls and question marks, Brady...

Everything You Need To Know: Big10 Coaches

Born and raised in the Midwest, I have a special place in my heart for that increasingly obsolete conference known as the Big10. To be fair, no conference seems to have an answer for the SEC, but we in the Big10 are taking it harder than most, considering we’ve only won two national championships in...