I’m not even angry any more. Being angry doesn’t solve anything. Why would I be angry? I could be angry because the Cowboys got away with a pass interference call against the Lions during their Wild Card match up. But, like I said, I’m no longer angry, I am frustrated.

If the call stood, it would have extended a Lions drive and could have resulted in a score and possibly changed the outcome of the game. However, a score isn’t guaranteed, so I’m not angry.

Head of Officiating Dean Blandino was photographed leaving the Cowboys’ party bus the night before the game. TMZ published a photo and nobody from the league is commenting, but nobody is denying the photo either. I could be angry because this is an obvious conflict of interest, but Dean Blandino may have just been meeting with friends, I’m not angry.

When Dean Blandino was questioned about the non-pass interference call against the Cowboys, Blandino said the contact with minimal, and support his crew’s decision to pick up the flag. He did say a jersey grab by Cowboys linebacker Anthony Hitchens “should have been called.” I am frustrated because every commentator, coach, and former official who has been asked the same question has  said the opposite, that the PI was obvious and the flag should have never been picked up because it was an obvious call.

As of today (1/6/15) the NFL admitted the officials had missed a call during the game. However, the apology refers to a missed holding call on Ndamukong Suh later in the game. I’m frustrated because this apology looks silly and obtuse in the wake of the game. I can’t recall the league apologizing for a missed call ever, and to apologize for missed holding call when there is open controversy about a unique and strange situation in that same game is ridiculous. It makes them seem out of touch and like they’ve missed the point.

The season is over for the Lions, that fact is not worth debating. Looking back at this game, the officiating tells me that the league is, at worst, conspiring to keep the Cowboys in the playoffs (which is pretty absurd), or at best, extremely incompetent. For the sake of the NFL, I fear being incompetent might be worse.