After 4 years and 2 NBA Championships in Miami, LeBron is packing it in and headed back home.

It all began earlier this summer when James opted out of his contract’s 5th year option. When D-Wade and Chris Bosh also opted out of their contracts, it was unclear whether this indicated that the Big 3 were working together to make space in the payroll for better players, or if they were getting ready for the party to end.

It wasn’t until July 11th, in a letter from James to Sports Illustrated, in which he announced his plan to return to Cleveland. After patching things up with team owner Dan Gilbert, LeBron James has rejoined the Cavaliers. James signed for a large, 4 year max contract, which weighs in at $88 million when all is said and done.

James joins a team filled with young talent. On the roster now are 2014 #1 draft pick Andrew Wiggens, 2013 #1 pick Anthony Bennett, #1 pick Kyrie Irving as well as #4 2012 pick Dion Waiters and #4 2011 pick Tristan Thompson.

Shortly after his article ran on, James posted this photo on Instagram. With 826k likes in less than 24 hours, LeBron James move back to Ohio is obviously accepted.

LeBron James Coming Home