Over the course of his 8 season career as a head coach, Van Gundy has never coached a team to a sub .500 record. He has only ever won less than 50 games in a season trice. The first instance was his first season as a head coach, the second was the season he stepped down from the Heat 21 games into the season, and the final was the “lock out” season with 16 fewer games than usual.

Stan Van Gundy started his career in the NBA as an assistant coach for the Miami in 1995. He began under famed Championship coach Pat Riley. It wasn’t until the 2003 season, when Pat Riley, as president of basketball operations, “fired” himself as coach and promoted Van Gundy, that he was given his first head coaching job in the NBA. After the first year, Van Gundy helped the Heat improve from 25-57 to 42-40, where they played themselves into the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Returning the next year, and adding super star future hall-of-famer Shaquille O’Neal to the roster, Van Gundy led the team to a 59-23 record and lost a seven games series to the Pistons in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Heat had a rough start in 2005, and after only 21 games, Van Gundy stepped back from his position, citing he needed to rework his Family/Work balance, only to see the Heat go on to win the NBA Championship under Pat Riley.

After a year off, the Orlando Magic offered Van Gundy a job. In his first season with the Magic, Van Gundy racked up 52 wins and a trip to the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Van Gundy’s success grew in the 2008-09 season when he and the Magic won 59 games and battled the NBA finals, only to lose to the Lakers in a five game series. The Magic repeated their regular season success with another 59 victory season in 2009-10. However, they lost in the Eastern Conference finals to the Boston Celtics in six games. The Magic only won 52 games the following year and left the playoffs early, in the first round in the 2010-11 season. In the following offseason, the players association and owners came to a contract dispute which resulted in a lock out and a season shorted by nearly 20 games. After 37 wins during the season, the Magic were bounced from the first round of the play offs by the Pacers in 5 games. That following May, amidst fights with star player Dwight Howard and other locker room problems, Stan Van Gundy was fired by the Orlando Magic.

Roughly 2 years after being fired, the Pistons reached out to Stan Van Gundy and hired him as both head coach and president of operations in Detroit. Stepping into both rolls, Van Gundy is following the path of Pat Riley. It is to be seen if Van Gundy still talks to Riley and may be able to get advice on how to make the most of this opportunity.