Of the major sports leagues, the NBA seems to be at the heart of the most conspiracy theories. In part because it seems big market teams always seem to make it to the play offs, in part because super stars draw fouls more often than other players, and in part because playoffs seems to always go to game sevens, every thing seems to fuel the flame of conspiracy nuts across the country.

The 1985 draft lottery may have started the draft lottery conspiracy when the New York Knicks, with the 3rd worst record in the draft, won the lottery and was able to pick Patrick Ewing, who would go on to win one NBA championship and be an 11-time All Star, and member of the famed Olympic “Dream Team.” The thought was that New York was a large market and a star player would increases rating significantly. That year, the names seven teams with the worst records were placed in envelops and the commissioner picked from the stack of envelops to determine the top pick. The theory is the Knicks envelop has been frozen so the commissioner would know by which was New York’s envelop. This has never been confirmed by any evidence.

The 2014 draft lottery as only cranked up speculation by conspiracy theorists as the Cleveland Cavaliers were granted the first pick. In the 2013-14 season, the Cavs were the 9th worst team and only had a 1.7% chance of winning the draft lottery. However, the conspiracy comes in because the Cavs won the lottery last year (2013) and in 2011, when they received the LA Clippers lottery pick through a trade. Three first round picks in four years might seem excessive, but theorists would start that the Cavaliers were given the 2011 first pick because their star player, LeBron James, had left the team to join the Heat in the previous off season.