we are one LA ClippersIt only took three days for new commissioner Adam Silver to issue a verdict which may set the tone of his tenure at the top of the NBA. After the recording of Donald Sterling, owner of the LA Clippers, surfaced last week which exposed Sterling of being a racist and a bigot, public opinion swelled against him and waited on bated breath to see what the action from the league would take.

The punishment was severe, and early public reaction makes me believe the action was significant enough to appease the crowd. Adam Silver announced that Donald Sterling is banned for life from all league activities and was fined $2.5 million. On top of that, Commissioner Silver has begun a chain of events among the other 29 owners of the NBA teams which may end in the forcible sale of the Clippers.

The money received by fining Donald Sterling will be donated to organizations that work against discrimination as determined by the league and the players association. $2.5 million is the greatest amount of money allowed to be fined per the rules of the NBA.

The lifetime ban of Sterling from league activities includes games, practices, and business activities involving the Clippers.

Finally, because Donald Sterling is the owner of a team, the league has no legal right to take that property from him. However, because the league constitution says if 3/4 of the other team owners vote to have ownership of a team revoked, fellow team owners cause force Sterling to sell the team.

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