2014 pistons fire cheeks

Announced Sunday, Mo Cheeks has been fired by the Detroit Pistons after 50 games into his first year. The Pistons went 21-29 under the Maurice Cheeks on his first head coaching job since 2008.

All year, the Piston’s have been plagued with issues on the court and off the court. GoSportsTeamGo contributor and basketball fanatic Chris Andrews let me know what he thought about Cheeks firing, “It was not Mo Cheeks who arranged a team that has an issue spacing the floor and with shot selection, he was close to .500 at the time of his dismissal during his first year with a team that needs time to develop. It’s also never a good idea to fire your coach without telling your starting point guard. (PG Brandon) Jennings found out via twitter. Looks like some bad blood and back office issues are ahead for the Pistons.” Certainly as a new coach steps in at this point in the year will stunt the development of young players for the rest of this year, but the firing of Cheeks could have larger implications in the locker room beyond the season.

Mo Cheeks was the 8th head coach under Joe Dumars’ time as a general manager.