Your countdown until Spring Training begins. In honor of this monumental event, we’re going to take a look into the 2014 MLB regular season, division by division, team by team.


The East will likely be the strongest division coming out of the American League, led by 2013 World Series champion Boston Red Sox. Boston will be returning this year with the very similar roster minus Center Fielder Jacoby Ellsbury who signed a 7 year deal with the New York Yankees. The Red Sox will be led once again by Dustin Pedoria and the man who seems to get better with age, David Ortiz. The New York Yankees are the second powerhouse that will be right up top with the Red Sox. In the offseason the Yankees signed CF Jacoby Ellsbury, RF Veteran hitter Carlos Beltran, and Catcher Brian McCann. Coming into this season, the pitching staff is fully healthy as opposed to last year, where they hit the injury bug. The 2014 Yankees are not a team to be reckon with. Moving on to the Tampa Bay Rays, just as they have been since their visit to the World Series in 2007, the Rays have not made any huge moves in the offseason but under the reign of Manager Joe Maddon, they are always a threat to sneak up and win the east. Best thing about the AL East, even the bottom two teams, the Baltimore Orioles and Toronto Blue Jays both have the ability to win the East. Even though both teams are not expected to do much, there is still time and players to sign and moves to be made, both teams have the players and coaching to take over this division.

AL Central:

This is the Detroit Tigers’ division to take. After a disappointing exit in the ALCS last season, the Tigers have a lot to prove this year and have the talent to do it. The Tigers traded Prince Fielder in the offseason, acquired Ian Kinsler, and signed speedy Rajai Davis to play Left Field. However the Tigers are yet to re-sign 2013 Cy Young winner Max Scherzer. While the Tigers had a disappointing end to their season, the Cleveland Indians won their last 10 regular season games and only lost the AL Central by 1 game. Sure, they lost in their wildcard matchup and never had the chance to see real postseason baseball, but with the young talent they have in their farm system and with coach Terry Francona, the Indians are a huge threat to the Tigers in the Central. Then we have the Kansas City Royals, another young team that played very well together in the 2nd half of the 2013 season. What KC reminds me and others of is the 2006 Detroit Tigers, nobody expects much out of them, but that is just when they sneak up and make a postseason run, this is something they are very capable of. As far as the bottom 2 teams, the Chicago White Sox and Minnesota Twins will catch everyone by surprise if they do anything.

AL West: 

The oddest division of them all, just as it has been the last 4 years. It seems like each year the division is going to be run by one team, and an unexpected team that ends up winning it. The Los Angeles Angles are by far the most talented team in the division, however only winning 78 games last year speaks volumes. If Albert Pujols, Josh Hamilton, and Mike Trout can all stay healthy, the division is once again theirs to lose. Then again, the Texas Rangers have made one large move this offseason, that being signing Prince Fielder. May not seem like much but Fielder is getting a new start after a rough patch in Detroit, and Rangers Ballpark In Arlington is much more hitter friendly than Comerica Park was. A field made for a Prince. The Prince. Then we have the Oakland Athletics, a team that, like the Tampa Bay Rays, is always a huge threat to other teams. Oakland, winning the division last year, has just as much of a chance to win it again that any other team does. Lastly, the Seattle Mariners, paying Robinson Cano all that money, will not pay off right away. Nobody expecting much from Seattle but a lot of fans and a lot more home runs thanks to Cano. It’s a start but a playoff team is not soon to be found for the M’s.

NL East:

Won by the Atlanta Braves last year. Should have been more competitive than it was. This division has a lot of talent entering 2014, If the Phillies can step it up, the Nationals can score some runs, and the Mets can get back on track, the Braves will have much trouble winning the division again, especially with the loss of one of their better hitters and leader in Brian McCann. The Washington Nationals have one of the best teams in the NL, they just need to put that talent to work, if this team can score more runs and have a more consistent offense, they will win the NL East, and they are my prediction to win the NL East in 2014. The Philadelphia Phillies are a team that has made a lot of change in the past couple years, going from a team with lots of veteran players, to all young talent, it will be tough for the Phillies to go far this year. And the same goes for the bottom 2, New York Mets and Miami Marlins.

NL Central: 

A strong division except for the Chicago Cubs who will go nowhere this year we can establish that right now. The Pittsburgh Pirates are the team to take this division, with an incredible end of regular season-postseason run, they have a ton to play for in 2014 and led by Andrew McCutchen, will likely take this division. It’s hard to say likely with a team like the St. Louis Cardinals who always seem to pop up half way through the season as a threat to take the division, just like they did last year and in years past. Even though they lost in the World Series, they are returning every player who this year will be looking to win it all. The Cincinnati Reds are another team that always starts off hot, but its the second half of the season that kills them, if they can stay consistent throughout the regular season they can just as well take this division. Don’t get me started on the Cubs and Brewers.

NL West:

Owned by the Los Angeles Dodgers. And will be again in 2014. Sure Paul Goldschmidt and the Arizona Diamondbacks can win the division, but without winning division play vs. the Dodgers stand no chance. The San Francisco Giants will be a decent team but will not win more than 90 games in 2014. And the same can be said for the Colorado Rockies. The San Diego Padres, no chance. I am predicting the LA Dodgers in the World Series, and therefore am choosing them to win the NL West.