So the Spartans won Rose Bowl #100 and raise the MSU Rose Bowl record to 4-1. Watching that with a number of Spartan fans who were at the last Rose Bowl appearance made the entire night very special. So that is what really makes me happy. But if I had to narrow it down to a few moments, these are what made me the most happy:

Lee Corso picked Michigan State. It’s the little things in life like seeing the old man put on a spartan helmet and try to bite a rose that brings me joy.

Secondly, Trevon Pendleton’s touch down, which has received internet fame because of his excellent karate kick form.

Third, when back up middle linebacker Kyler Elseworth stood strong on 4th and 1 to help ice the game. Seeing #41 swan dive over the line was the perfect combination of grace and power.

How about another angle?


Finally,  the Spartan Post Game celebration