2014 coach changes Lovie Smith Tampa Bay Buccaneers Bill O/Brien Houston Texans

After Black Monday, 6 teams had openings at the head coaching position. After only three days, these spots are starting to be filled.

HOUThe Houston Texans were the first to bring in a new coach when they signed Bill O’Brien. O’Brien comes from his first head coaching job at Penn State with a 15-9 record. O’Brien had previously held a variety of coaching positions under Bill Belichick at New England including QB coach and offensive play caller in 2008 and offensive coordinator in 2011.


TBThe Tampa Bay Buccaneers have signed Lovie Smith as their new head coach. From 2004-2012, Smith was the Chicago Bears head coach and took them to Super Bowl XLI in 2006, where he lost to the Colts, coached by Tony Dungy. Smith had been an assistant for Dungy in Tampa Bay between 1996-2000 where they developed the Tampa 2 defense scheme.