Early this morning, MSU officially announce that All-Big Ten linebacker Max Bullough will be suspended for the rest of the season. No specific reason for the suspension has been stated. The press release comes after the Spartans touched down in California without Bullough, according to SpartanTailgate.com. In the release, Coach Mark Dantonio said “It is extremely disappointing for all parties involved.”

My personal speculation? A brief glance at the MSU Student Athlete Code of Conduct shows anyone convicted of a  felony is immediately suspended. With no arrests being reported, Max must have broken a major team rule considering his family’s legacy at MSU. Bullough is one of a few academic All-Americans, so I can’t imagine that he wouldn’t have let his grades drop below eligibility or found cheating. My only thought is that he may have been meeting with a sports agent in preparation for the NFL draft, but that is purely speculation. (Upon further thought, Bullough comes from a football family, and such silly thing couldn’t be the case. I’d like to withdraw any speculation until more details are made available). Unless Bullough or the School announces the reason at the team press conference tomorrow, it is unlikely we will know why he was suspended until May, when he may have to answer for it when being interviewed by NFL teams.

Bullough had been arrested and charged with minor in possession and eluding police back in 2011. Since then, Bullough has been a great leader on the team and one of the best example and spokesmen for the change of culture Mark Dantonio has caused in East Lansing. This is a blow to the Bullough legacy at MSU.