The 2013 Winter Meeting have been kicked off with a bang. So here we go.

Seattle Mariners: C+. Obviously, Seattle has made the biggest off season splash thus far in their singing of 2nd baseman Robinson Cano. On paper it looks like a good deal, Seattle has a lot of potential, and they also have a lot of young talent and one of the best farm systems in the MLB. But, Cano is 31 years old. They signed him to a 10 year deal. Robinson Cano is a terrific player, but age will get to him and paying him $240M over those 10 years has earned the Mariners a C+. And they are lucky to even get that.

New York Yankees: A-. The Yankees have done it again. An off season which began by letting big name players go, has continued by replacing them with more big name players. This is New York! First, the Yankees signed catcher Brian McCann to a 5yr, $85M contract. McCann is a power hitting catcher, who also likes to show off his glove. He can be compared to what the Yankees had for years in former catcher Jorge Posada. McCann, a veteran catcher will also do well in working with young pitchers the Yankess have like Ivan Nova, and Michael Pineda. Next, the signing Center Fielder and lead off hitter Jacoby Ellsbury was top notch. At 30 years of age, the Yankees signed him to a 7 year, $153M deal, which was only available using money freed up from letting Cano walk. Finally, the Yankees filled yet another void by singing veteran outfielder Carlos Beltran to a 3yr, $45M contract. With that, the Yankees go from being labeled as “crazy” for letting Cano walk, to World Series contenders.

New York Mets: C. The Mets have made one offseason moves thus far and that was signing Curtis Granderson to a 4yr, $80M contract. That seems a little pricy for a outfielder who spends a lot of time on the DL and who will likely not hit as many Home Runs at Citi Field as he did in Yankee Stadium. Similar to Seattle, that is a lot of money to spend on one player when around him there is not much talent. A good deal, a little pricy, the Mets could have done better.

Washington Nationals: B+. This grade isn’t an A because they haven’t done more. Yes they gave some prospects to Detroit, but they acquired a terrific talent in starting pitcher Doug Fister. Fister has been a solid pitcher for the last 6 years in Detroit and Seattle, two teams which are in the American League. Now moving into the National League, Doug Fister will be one the stronger, if not the strongest arm on the Washington Nationals staff. Washington still needs to get their hitting back in order, but acquiring Doug Fister will help with the pitching which ultimately will help with the hitting as well.

Detroit Tigers: D. Letting Doug Fister go seemed to be a large mistake by the Tigers. They did however recieve LHP Ian Kroll, LHP Robbie Ray, and 2B Steve Lombardozzi. Tigers fans were upset, but figured it the deal was to free up money in order to re-sign Cy Young winner Max Scherzer. The bigger mistake was earlier in the off season when the Tigers traded Prince Fielder to Texas for 2B Ian Kinsler. The initial reaction of the fans was to freak out, but once again Kinsler is a solid player. Fielder couldn’t hit in the postseason and now the Tigers have an extra $100M so they can resign Scherzer. RIGHT?! Maybe not. According to Jayson Stark (@jaysonst) on twitter, “#Tigers are telling teams they’re not optimistic about getting an extension done with Max Scherzer but have no plans to deal him” . Having freed that money up, if the Tigers choose not to re-sign Scherzer, then what is all the cash for? Until they make further moves, the Tigers get a D, and it’s not for Detroit…