Oklahoma and Oklahoma State goes punch for punch in a game that could have decided the Big 12. On the line was an invitation to the BCS Fiesta Bowl for the OK St Cowboys, for the Sooners, it was just pride.

The Sooners managed to keep the score close with a punt return and a fake field goal that both resulted in TDs. It wasn’t until the 4th quarter took the lead with a field goal. They lost the lead when Cowboys running back Desmond Roland found the end zone for a second time in the game. In the final minute of the game, the Sooner’s offense finally scored to take the lead. The Sooners scored one more after time ran out on a fumbled hook-and-later play by the Cowboys.

With the win, Oklahoma moves to #3 in the Big12 and OK St drops to #4. Which Big 12 teams will receive bids to the BCS will be decided after the Baylor vs Texas game this evening.