2013 champ week lg

This weekend is college football gold. If you haven’t watched a game all season, set aside your Saturday and prepare to feast on the best of what college football has to offer.

Friday Night

Bowling Green @ #14 Northern Illinios – 8:00 pm

This is MAC football at its best. Northern Illinois stood still at #14 after a poor showing over 1-11 Western Michigan and now has to prove they have what it takes to deserve a shot at the BCS.

The stakes if they win:

  • Northern Illinois becomes a BCS team at large and will play in a BCS Bowl game
  • Bowling Green has no change in bowl destination. BGSU goes to the GoDaddy Bowl because they finish as #1 in the MAC, or replace NIU as #1 because NIU gets a BCS berth


#17 Oklahoma @ #6 Oklahoma State at 12:00

Although not technically a championship game, Oklahoma State has to win in order to win the Big 12. With this win, OK State is in the discussion of the best 1 loss teams, should the discussion arrise.

The stakes if they win:

  • OK ST: Guarantees BCS Bowl game, stays in arguement of best 1 loss teams if OSU and/or FSU loses their games.
  • Oklahoma ends up either #2 or #3 in the Big 12. Could sneak into the BCS if Baylor beats Texas

#5 Mizzou @ #3 Auburn at 4:00 pm

Auburn earned it’s spot in the SEC Championship game after an act of God enabled them to steal a victory from Alabama. Two weeks in a row, Auburn has been exceedingly lucky. We will see if that streak will continue when they host the Missouri Tigers, who will be playing in their first SEC championship game ever.

The stakes if they win:

  • Auburn will maintain their #3 spot in the BCS and should play in the Sugar Bowl unless either the #1 or #2 team loses this weekend.
  • Missouri should jump Auburn and Alabama to the #3 spot of the game and should play in the Sugar Bowl

#7 Stanford @ #11 Arizona State at 7:45 pm

Since nobody in the conference has less than two loses, the PAC-12 Championship game is for pride and the Rose bowl. The Sun Devils have not played the same team twice in the one season since 1936, so this is a huge step forward for the program. Stanford could continue a 3 year BCS bowl streak if they beat ASU, and would return to the Rose Bowl for a second year in a row with a victory.

The stakes if they win:

  • Stanford will go to the Rose Bowl, ASU has no chance at a BCS bowl game
  • Arizona State will earn it’s first Rose Bowl berth since 1997 and keep Stanford out of the BCS

#20 Duke vs #1 Florida State at 8:00 pm

Nobody favors Duke in this match up. Then again, nobody thought they would win 10 games. The outcome seems to be a forgone conclusion in most peoples opinions, however Duke had to beat a ranked Miami and a ranked Virginia Tech to win their division. I don’t think they’ll win, but I’m hoping Duke gives FSU a run for their money

The stakes if they win:

  • Florida State marches tot he BCS championship. There is no situation where FSU wins and drops from the #1 spot
  • Duke earns a bid to the Orange Bowl and drops FSU from the National Championship to a probable BCS at large spot

#2 Ohio State vs #10 Michigan State at 8:17 pm

This is being regarded as the most exciting match up of the day. OSU has taken care of business in the relatively weak Big 10 and because a few lucky breaks, they have found themselves in the running for a BCS Championship. Michigan State has slowly earned respect and rank in the polls as their defense has held strong in a rare 11-1 season, going undefeated in the Big 10. Pundits seem to have an unspoken desire for MSU to beat so BCS voters don’t have to make the controversial call of putting a 1 loss SEC team above a undefeated Big 10 team in the National Championship.

The stakes if they win:

  • OSU will more than likely head to play for the National Championship, leaving the Rose Bowl up in the air for possibly MSU to fill
  • MSU will go to the Rose Bowl and OSU may earn a BCS at large bid.