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Let’s take a look at schools in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa and West Virginia to see how the Big 12 will fare in the 2013-14 Bowl Season. First, here are the teams who have qualified for bowls:

  1. Oklahoma State
  2. Baylor
  3. Texas
  4. Oklahoma
  5. Kansas State
  6. Texas Tech

Between 1996 and 2010, the Big 12 had a North and South division and would hold a championship game each year. When Colorado and Nebraska announce they were going to join other conferences, the conference would drop to 10 teams in 2011. Because the NCAA requires a conference to have 12 teams in order to hold a conference championship, the title game has been canceled until the Big 12 gains at least two more teams. With that out of the way, here are the Big 12 bowl predictions:

Oklahoma State: Fiesta Bowl

OK State is slated to play Central Florida in the Fiesta Bowl, the BCS bowl with a Big 12 tie-in. As winner of the AAC, Central Florida will be automatically receive a bid to play in a bowl game, and it makes sense that the Fiesta Bowl would prefer Central Florida over BCS busters NIU. Whether OK State faces off against the Huskies or the Knights, I’d bet the Cowboys come out on top.

Baylor: Cotton Bowl

Baylor, with their blow out loss to OK State, dropped to #2 in the Big 12 and out of the dark horse BCS championship debate. Instead, they’re headed to the AT&T Cotten Bowl and will probably butt heads with Johnny Maziel and his Texas A&M Aggies. Baylor is known for it’s video game-ish offense and it’s ability to drown opponents in points, while Johnny Manziel and the Aggies have spunk. This game could go either way, it all depends if the Bears can get over their OK State loss this weekend.

Texas: Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl

Texas, after a rough start, Texas got back on track and strung together a 6 game winning streak before OK State beat them at home.  They’re projected match up is Iowa, out of the Big 10. This’ll be interesting because both schools are known for producing quality linemen.

Oklahoma: Alamo Bowl

Oklahoma, although behind Texas in the standings, looks to jump them for a better bowl. As the opponent is slated to be Oregon, it would see Oklahoma should give a better game for viewers. With a stout defense and power running game, the Sooner resemble the Stanford Cardinals and may be able to give Oregon a good challenge.

Kansas State: Holiday Bowl

Kansas has not been great this year, they’ve been pretty middle of the pack. Their best win was against a #25 Texas Tech, but they’ve lost to conference powerhouses Baylor, Texas, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State. This lack luster season has put them into the Holiday Bowl. Unless Texas Tech and Kansas St get flipped, Kansas is set to play the Sun Devils of Arizona State. Arizona State is a good team, I don’t see Kansas winning this bowl game.

Texas Tech: Texas Bowl

For the second year in a row, the Red Raiders will be Texas Bowl-bound. They are matched up against the the Michigan Wolverines and that could make for a good match up. Both teams came into the season expecting big things but derailed in October. Both teams have the potential for lots of offense, so this should be a fun shoot out to watch.