Big Ten Conference logoAs Michigan State has secured it’s bid in the Big 10 Championship against OSU, the Big 10 Bowl Situation becomes slightly more clear. Let’s break it down and see where everyone most likely ends up:

Big 10 Championship Game, December 7th: Ohio State vs. Michigan State

We’ve suspected this match up for a month now, but with MSU’s victory over Northwestern, the game is locked in. As much as it pains me, we can assume that OSU will win the game in Indianapolis.

With that said, here are the standings of the bowl elligable teams of the Big 10 Conference:

  1. Ohio State
  2. Michigan State
  3. Wisconsin
  4. Nebraska
  5. Minnesota
  6. Iowa
  7. Michigan

Ohio State University Buckeyes LogoOhio State: Rose Bowl

Ohio State will most probably finish first and receive a bid to the 100th Rose Bowl. Unless the unthinkable happens and Florida State or Alabama loses, there is no way that OSU breaks into the BCS Championship bowl game. Wisconsin would challenge the ACC Clemson Tigers in the BCS bowl.


Michigan State University Spartans logoMichigan State: Capital One Bowl

The Spartans will almost definitely come out of Indianapolis with a loss. Moving forward, they’d be given a bid to the Capital One Bowl game, probably to play the Mizzou from the SEC. Taking on Mizzou, the team who sits atop the SEC eastern division, will certainly test the famed Spartan defense.


Wisconsin Badgers LogoWisconsin: Orange Bowl

I hate seeing the Badgers in a BCS bowl, but it seems sports media is in love with this pick. Wisconsin, who has played in a BCS bowls the last three years and have played well against Arizona State and beat BYU, they may leap MSU for a BCS bid.


Nebraska University CornhuskersNebraska: Outback Bowl

It looks like Nebraska is Tampa-bound if Wisconsin gets the BCS bid. In the traditional Big10 #3 spot shifts down when multiple teams play in BCS bowls. This would pit Nebraska against LSU, and means Les Miles will lead LSU to victory.


Minnesota University Gophers logoMinnesota: Gator Bowl

Minnesota will get the opportunity to face Ole Miss in the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville. This match up may be surprisingly competitive as both teams have the ability to put up a fair number of points.


Iowa University HawkeyesIowa: Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl

Iowa is slated to match up against Texas in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl. An interesting match up of two good teams with big linemen. Could be a low scoring, knock down-drag out defensive war.


University of Michigan Wolverines LogoMichigan: Heart of Dallas Bowl

Michigan is set up to play in the Heart of Dallas Bowl. Right now, it looks like  Texas Tech will match up against the Wolverines. Texas Tech is a team that can put up gaudy numbers, so I have to imagine we are in for a shoot out in Texas.