Controversy at the end of the Carolina/New England game has improved the Panthers to 7-3. A defensive pass interference call would have allowed Tom Brady another shot at the end zone, but the flag was picked up by the officials without explanation and gave the Panthers the win.

The highly competitive game culminated with a New England 18 yard pass attempt into the end zone. Had Gronkowski caught the ball, Patriots would have won 26-24. Had the pass fell incomplete, Pats would have lost with no questions or comments. However, Carolina linebacker Luke Kuechly seemed to “box out” Gronkowski in the end zone. By box out, I mean push him off route with a friendly hug. See it for yourself:

Rob Gronkowski pushed off by Luke Kuechly New England Patroits Carolina Panthers

After throwing a flag, the back judge conferred with the other officials and picked the flag up, thus ending the game. Since the game, the League has said the move wasn’t considered pass interference because the ball was uncatchable by Gronk. I’m not sold on that explanation on why the flag was picked up and I definitely hate when a blown call determines the result of the game. That being said, I’d love to see Gronk vs. Newton in a competition of various physical feats to decide the victor of the game.