AFC_LOGOThe AFC contains only remaining undefeated team in Kansas City. It also contains a pair of future hall-of-famers in Manning and Brady, who are each making a push for add another Super Bowl to their legacy. Let’s take a look at the playoff picture currently looks in the AFC.


The Patriots are in the lead of the East and holds a victory over of the other three teams in the division. Despite a loss to the Jets, the Pats are still 2 victories on top and have a slightly easier schedule than the Jets for the year, so with the turn of Gronkowski and Amendola, should have no trouble finishing the year at the top of the east.


The Cincinnati Bengals are sitting 2 game ahead of the rest of the North, and between wideouts AJ Green and Marvin Jones, should have enough offense to continue their push into the playoffs. Baltimore and Cleveland are both sitting two games behind but have easier schedules, so this may an exciting division to watch through the stretch.


Andrew Luck is leading the Colts to another probable playoff berth. Seeing as both Tennessee, 2 games back, and Houston, 4 games back, are both having quarterback troubles, it’s unlikely anyone will catch the Colts before the end of the year.


Kansas City is currently undefeated and has drawn on of the weakest schedules in the league. With a new coach and quarterback on the year, everything’s coming up Milhouse. However, Bronco’s veteran quarterback Peyton Manning has been playing his best football yet, it’s possible Denver overtakes the Chiefs, but with more wins than anyone else in the conference at this point in the season, the AFC west should be sending 2 teams to the playoffs.


As it stands, Denver will be taking the first wild card spot in the AFC. Coming in 3  games behind the Broncos are the NY Jets. With the next most wins in the conference, the Jets could sneak into the playoffs behind rookie quarterback Geno Smith. This would be, strangely enough, the second consecutive rookie quarterback to led the Jets to the playoffs.