I’ve added urgency to the title because I’ve read somewhere it compels readers to read the article. With that being said, there are the games this weekend that you simply must watch, the greatest of which is the annual Nick Saban vs Les Miles/ Alabama vs LSU showdown, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

Noon Games:
  • #2 Florida State @ Wake Forest – It’s a trap! After taking Miami apart last weekend, I wonder if the Florida State players are going to get their heads ready for Wake Forest. However, seeing Florida State installed as a 34 point favorite, it seems the public has full faith the Seminole are ready to take on the Demon Deacons.
  • #9 Auburn @ Tennessee – SEC match ups make for the most exciting games, right? Auburn has 1 loss on the year to a #6 LSU team and Tennessee has only beat 1 ranked opponent this year. I’m sure they’d love to steal a victory from this conference rival, but I feel like Auburn is going to leave Knoxville with the win.
Afternoon Games:
  • Mississippi State @ #15 Texas AM – Anytime Johnny Manziel takes the field, exciting things will happen. This contest shouldn’t be too competitive, but I feel like Texas AM will begin building bowl game buzz by putting up cartoonish numbers against it’s weaker SEC opponents in hopes of garnering a better post season game.
  • Nebraska @ Michigan – This is a race for 2nd in the Big 10 Legends Division. Reeling from the defeat by MSU last week, UM is a loss away from being irrelevant in the Big 10 while Bo Pelini is trying to impress disappointed Nebraska fans, and a victory in the Big House is a good start.
Evening Games:
  • #19 UCLA @ Arizona – Battle for the PAC-12, both teams are sitting second in the south division behind Arizona State, and both still have yet to play Arizona State this season. A win this weekend opens a path to the PAC-12 Championship and a chance to play in the Rose Bowl.
  • #13 LSU @ #1 Alabama – Sometimes I wonder if the nation would still watch this game if neither team ranked in the top 10, but I also wonder what if the sky were green. Either way, I always come to the same conclusion, it doesn’t matter because that’s the way it is and will always be. This game always has national draw because Miles and Saban are two of the best coaches in the era, and may both end up in the Hall of Fame. Two massive programs are meeting tonight, and although this match up doesn’t have the same #1 vs #2 significance it did in the past, we are guaranteed a knock-down, drag-out war.
Night Game:
  • #16 Fresno State @ Wyoming – Potential BCS Buster Watch: This is a must win for Fresno State. Coming to the end of a magical, undefeated season, the Bulldogs need another victory to legitimize their bid in a BCS game, and pull off the biggest final upset of the BCS era by beating a team from an AQ conference.