We didn’t have too many surprises in the top 25 this week, Florida State overtook Oregon in the BCS polls for this week, but not to worry the Duck nation, Oregon will be back soon enough. Does anybody else feel like these week-to-week polls are created to help football fans figure out which games to care about?

#23 Spartans Dismantle #22 Wolverines

MSU Spartans Paul Bunyon Trophy gosportsteamgoThere is no other way to say it. The Spartan defense was so dominant, the Wolverines could not get anything thing to work Saturday afternoon. Devin Gardner was as safe behind his O-line as Paris behind the French army in 1940. Fitz Toussaint, for all his bravado in this week’s press conference, blocked as well as a revolving door. The only numbers you really need to know are -48 rushing yards, 7 sacks, and 2 field goals for UM. The score finished 29-6 as the Paul Bunyon Trophy takes residence in East Lansing for the next year.

#3 Florida State Beats up on #7 Miami

Florida State Seminoles Miami James Wilder Jr gosportsteamgoTwo turnovers in the first half allowed Miami to keep this game from being a complete blow out, but there is no doubt this game was all about the Seminoles. Miami was simple unable to score in the second half as Florida State racked up 20 more points over the Hurricanes. This impressive showing was able to lift the Seminoles above the Oregon Ducks to #2 in the BCS rankings. More importantly, this was a second victory over a top 10 team and a huge resume boost that the team will need at the end of the year.

Ohio State Blank Purdue, BCS Committee Doesn’t Seem to Care…

Urban Meyer Ohio State Buckeyes gosportsteamgoAfter a 56-0 victory for the Ohio State Buckeyes, they have actually lost a few points in the BCS poll and remain at #4 in the nation. There seems to be only 2 ways for the Buckeyes to move in the polls this point. They can hope that Alabama, Oregon, or Florida State will lose a game, or that Michigan and Michigan State win their games, rise in the BCS polls and then defeat each team convincingly enough to change BCS voters minds. In short, OSU is suffering because the bottom of the Big 10 doesn’t hold it’s own.


Potential BCS Buster’s Update

Let’s peek in at our potential BCS Busters Fresno State and NIU. After a complete victory (63-19) over Massachusetts on Saturday, NIU has falled a spot in the polls and sits at #18. Fresno State had a slightly less convincing win over Nevada, 41-23, Fresno State sits at #16. Similar to OSU, these teams would potentially win out and miss a BCS bid because their schedules are not deemed strong enough by BCS voters.

Conference Win/Loss Records

AAC: 38-39

ACC: 71-47

Big12: 48-34

Big Ten: 63-38

Pac-12: 62-38

SEC: 76-42