As you can tell from yesterday’s post, I’ll be spending my mid-afternoon watching the MSU v UM game. However, there is a full day of football, and here is what you should be watching:

Noon Time:

niu-fb-history-pic-780#17 Northern Illinois @ Massachusetts – As NIU continues to win game-after-game, we watch to see whether they can convince BCS voters they deserve a shot at one of the big games. As 25 point favorites, this game should prove to be an exciting display of brute force from the nation’s 6th best running offense.

Early Afternoon:

UM-MSU1#21 Michigan @ #22 Michigan State – This game is big for both teams in their race to the Big 10 Championship. State wants to return and finally earn a trip to the Rosebowl. Michigan wants to play in their first Big 10 Championship since the conference has adopted the Championship Game format. Most important, the winner of this game gets to hold on to the Paul Bunyan trophy for the rest of the year…


Florida State Seminoles vs Miami Hurricanes Game Photo#7 Miami @ #3 Florida State – Top defenses will clash in Tallahassee and only one undefeated team will leave when Miami heads to Florida State. Heisman candidate Jameis Winston is trying to protect his squad’s chance at a BCS National Championship game and at #7, the game against Miami is the last ranked team on the schedule and the best chance to impress BCS voters.