I will make no apologies for being a Spartan fan, I’ll always be happy when we win. I am even more pleased to have helped stretch out Illinois’s record breaking conference losing streak to 17 games. Enough about me, here is what happen in college football over the weekend

Michigan State Offense Clicks

At the beginning of the year, State had one quarterback, Andrew Maxwell. After one game, State had three. Three games into the year, Connor Cook took a shaky lead as QB1. After this weekend, he finally looks to be comfortable as the leader of this team. Against Illinois, Cook completed 15 of16 for 208 yards and 3 TDs. The most exciting was this broken play at the end of the first half:








And just in case you missed that catch:









At the end of the day, State beat Illinois 42-3, shutting down the Illinois offense the entire second half and becoming the only team to keep opponents to less than 100 rushing yards/game this season.

BCS Non-Drama: Oregon jumps FSU

After beating NC State 49-17 this Saturday, Florida State slipped backwards to #3 in the BCS rankings. Taking their spot at #2 is Oregon, who beat #12 UCLA 42-14. I don’t consider this news because there is still much football to be played before bowl season.

South Carolina takes out Mizzou

image by Tim Rohan

After three quarters of fumbles, interceptions, punts and a missed field goal, South Carolina finally got their offense on track and dominated the forth quarter in Missouri where they scored 17 unanswered points to send the game into overtime. After each team scored a TD in the 1st overtime, a ball hitting the upright sounded victory for the Gamecocks when the Tigers missed a field goal. Although Mizzou is still sitting atop the SEC Eastern Division, the loss puts South Carolina solidly  in second, one game behind Mizzou.

BCS Non-Drama: BCS Busters in the Wings

It seems that Northern Illinois of the MAC and Fresno State of the Mountain West are both continuing undefeated seasons. I don’t see enough from either team’s schedule to suggest they could jump to the top 8 teams, but I’m sure we’ll hear debate if chaos ensues and top 15 teams begin losing games.

Stanford Defense Key to Victory

Gaffney tore up the Beaver Defense (AP Photo)

Oregon State passing offense has averaged over 420 yards/game this season. Stanford held them to only 271. This was the key to Stanford bottling that high powered offense to only 12 points on the game. On the other side of the ball, Cardinal Tyler Gaffney ran for 3 TDs, 145 yards, and the win.

Conference Win/Loss Records

AAC: 35-36

ACC: 64-41

Big12: 44-30

Big Ten: 57-32

Pac-12: 58-34

SEC: 70-39