What is next for the Detroit Tigers? Or maybe this can be re-worded, what Detroit Tigers team are we going to see tonight in game 6 vs. The Boston Red Sox? Two possibilities, we see the Tigers team that can’t score runs, play with no heart or intensity and seem to have no desire to win. Or we see the Tigers team that we have seen in game 1, and 4. High powered offense and masterful starting pitching, seeing how it’s pretty much been every other game is one or the other, looks like tonight will be the high powered offense Tigers BUT…

We know what’s for certain with this Tigers team. First, Prince Fielder is possibly the most non existent player in postseason baseball history. It’s clear that Fielder is in a huge slump, problem number one. The larger problem is his lack of desire to win and his lack of care on the field. He swings at first pitches, he grounds out, he goes to the bench, sits down and shows no emotion or frustration. Then he goes back out onto the field and is smiling and goofing around with players when it seems he should be more focused on making plays and hitting the ball. The guy doesn’t care, he wants his money and his vacation, he couldn’t care less about the Tigers or the fans.

Second, the bullpen will not hold any lead, no matter how large or small. The Tigers bullpen has been our downfall all season. From Bruce Rondon not working out, to re-trying Jose Valverde midway through the season, to now Joaquin Benoit & Co blowing postseason leads. This bullpen is a complete joke, they cant throw strikes and walks kill you all the time, especially in postseason baseball. We saw a perfect example of that in game 2 in which two batters were walked and Big Papi hit a game tying grand slam. The Tigers only to lose the game on a walk off single.

Lastly, the starting pitching is what is keeping us in the postseason this long. Max Scherzer, Justin Verlander, Anibal Sanchez, and Doug Fister have won all but two games mostly by themselves. The less this Tigers team go to the bullpen the more chance they have of winning because of these four names. These guys have stepped up for a team that struggles with what every team needs for success, offense and bullpen pitching. Without these guys, the Tigers would have gone home a week ago in Oakland.