Last week was fun, but we’ve got a top 5 collision later tonight between two ACC. I’m not sure what is more surprising, this is the first Top 5 face off of the season or that the ACC has two ranked teams?

Saturday Noon:

#22 Florida @ #14 Mizzou: This is week two of the three week gauntlet the Tigers are running this season. After a victory against a diminished Georgia team, the Tiger’s take on the Gators. This may be a Top25 match up for the SEC East division, but does it matter when neither have a chance to beat Alabama in the title game?

Purdue @ Michigan State: 28 points, the Spartans are 28 point favorites. After such a slow start for the offense, I’m thrilled they are getting the benefit of the doubt.

Saturday Afternoon:

#24 Auburn @ #7 Texas A&M: After a slim victory last week against Ole Miss, will the Johnny Football have better luck against Auburn?

#9 UCLA @ #13 Stanford: UCLA stands undefeated in the PAC12 after Stanford’s upset last week.  Can they hold it against an angry Stanford team?

Saturday Evening:

Arkansas @ #1 Alabama: Arkansas 1st year coach Brett Bielema finally gets to face the power of the SEC. More than anything else I am looking forward to his post-game conference.

#5 Florida St @ #3 Clemson: Clemson has had a pretty poor showing at Game Day this morning, but that doesn’t mean anything for the game. I’ll be cheering for Clemson, but all I want to see is one of these teams drop out of the top 10 after the gae.