Johnny ManzielWho knew in two years that one football player could throw up such incredible stats, individual performances, and such controversy. Yep, that’s Johnny Manziel, a player with very similar skills to Tim Tebow on the field, but the complete opposite set of skills (if that’s even what you’d call them) off the field. Tebow is a role model for kids everywhere. In contrast, Manziel seems to be living life for football, women, and alcohol, in that order.

Ignoring the off-field stuff, Manziel is a wizard on the field. In one year, he accomplished pretty much everything a quarterback can accomplish, topped off by wining the Heisman Trophy. In 2012 He completed 295 out of 434 of his passes, threw for 3,706 yards, 26 touchdowns, and only 9 interceptions. Pretty normal stuff for an SEC quarterback, but beyond his passing numbers, Manziel also ran for 1410 yards, and 21 touchdowns.

HE IS WAS FRESHMAN. Those stats were enough to win him the Heisman. But there is more, in the same year, he single handedly defeated the two-time National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide, ON THE ROAD. College football is hard enough to win on the road, it’s hard to win in the SEC as a freshman, it’s hard to win the Heisman, and it’s hard to upset any team anywhere, at anytime as a freshman. Johnny Manziel did all those things.

2012 Heisman Trophy Presentation

Assuming Johnny Manziel does not go to the NFL and stays at Texas A&M for the next two seasons, he is on pace to throw up stats that look like this:

15,000+ passing yards, 4500+ rushing yards, 110+ passing TD’s, and 80+ rushing TD’s.

Johnny Manziel will be the greatest college quarterback to ever play the game. No disrespect to Tim Tebow, I love Tim Tebow, he was very successful. Tebow did it all with two Heisman Trophy’s and two National Championships. The numbers will be close, but Manziel’s will be better if he were to stay at A&M, just as Tebow stayed at Florida. Sure, there were plenty of great college quarterbacks back in the day, I’m well aware. But Manziel and Tebow are playing in the age of football where the players are faster, bigger, and stronger and they still put up better stats than players before their time.

Manziel is the man. Manziel is football.