This Postseason has not let us down. Far from it. We had two insane wild card games, won by the Tampa Bay Rays and Pittsburgh Pirates. Followed by two easy ALDS-NLDS series, LA Dodgers beating the Atlanta Braves 3 games to 1, and the Boston Red Sox taking care of the Tampa Bay Rays 3-1. But we also had two magnificent ALDS-NLDS games, The St. Louis Cardinals beating the Pittsburgh Pirates in a win or go home game 5, and the Detroit Tigers defeating the Oakland Athletics in another game 5.

Down to 4 teams, The NLCS will be the LA Dodgers vs. The St. Louis Cardinals. The ALCS, Detroit Tigers vs. Boston Red Sox. LA Dodgers have solid pitching all around, starters, bullpen, and closer. Their hitting has come out strong in the postseason as well, especially for Hanley Ramirez who is hitting .500 with a home run and 6 RBI’s in his first 5 postseason games of his career.

There is something special about St. Louis Cardinals players and how they seem to step up at the right time. This has happened since 2006 when they defeated the Detroit Tigers in the World Series. From Albert Pujols to Matt Stairs to David Freese, and now it’s Michael Wacha turn. The guy has nearly pitched two straight no hitters and gave St. Louis the win in game 5 over Pittsburgh. The whole team is coming together to win huge games, and will continue to win if these guys continue to step up when it counts most. October.

The Boston Red Sox, arguably the best team in the league has everything from contact hitting, power hitting, starting pitching, relief pitching, closing pitching, and experience. It’s everything you wish from a team playing in October, and it’s probably why most people are choosing them to win the World Series, including me.

Finally, The Detroit Tigers. These guys had to fight to win two elimination games vs. The Oakland Athletics, and boy did they. After struggling to even score a run in the first three games, they scored a total of 11 in the last two games. The hot streak they started, if it continues, can spill trouble for Boston if they aren’t careful. If these Tiger bats do come alive in the series, The Red Sox will have their hands full.

LA vs. St. Louis: LA in 6 games.

Boston vs. Detroit: Boston in 7 games.

Go baseball.