In the American League:

After last night’s games, the Detroit Tiger bats finally awake and now they have tied the series and are headed to Oakland to face the Athletics in the final game of the ALDS on thursday night.

Last night we also saw the Boston Red Sox take the series from the Tampa Bay Rays. After piling on runs, 19 run in 25 hits, the first two games of the series, Boston’s bats were comparatively quiet the final two games, 7 runs in only 13 hits. However, the Sox defense proved to be up to the challenge as they only allowed one run all night. Boston’s opponent in the ALCS will be the winner of the Detroit/Oakland game Thursday night.

Over in the National League:

The LA Dodger’s 8th inning 2-run homer put away the Atlanta Braves as they cemented their spot in the NLCS.

Tonight’s match between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the St. Louis Cardinals will be an interesting one.  As divisional opponents, the Pirates and Cardinals are well acquainted. While history is on St. Louis’s side, going 7-1 in elimination post season games over the past 3 years, the Pittsburgh Pirates have the underdog card, making the playoffs for the first time since 1992. This makes the Pirates extremely dangerous according to every 90’s sports movie I’ve seen. Tonight’s game should prove very exciting.