The 2013-2014 hockey season is finally upon us, and seeing how the last two seasons have ended, the hype this season has reached new levels. In 2012, out of nowhere, the lowest seed LA Kings come into the the Stanley Cup Finals and defeat the New Jersey Devils, incredible. The next season the Chicago Blackhawks come into the second round against the Detroit Red Wings down 3 games to 1 and fight to take the series in 7 games. After the comeback they used the motivation all the way to winning the Stanley Cup for the second time in four years.

To expect less than excitement this season is wrong, that’s why were here to break down the Eastern Conference for you.

Atlantic Division:

Teams: Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadians, Boston Bruins, Buffalo Sabers, Detroit Red Wings, Florida Panthers, Ottawa Senators, and The Tampa Bay Lightning.

Contenders: Boston Bruins, Detroit Red Wings, and Toronto Maple Leafs

Pretenders: Montreal Canadians, Buffalo Sabers, Florida Panthers, and The Ottawa Senators.

Breakout Team: Tampa Bay Lightning.

Why: From what we have seen in the last 5 years, Boston is going to be just as good as they have recently been. As for Detroit, we can go back 50 years, always contending, never pretending. And the Toronto Maple Leafs, struggle last year, comeback this year, defiantly contending. Tampa Bay has great potential, with Stamkos still going strong and a much improved defense, they are a team that can win some games and wreck some seasons.

Metropolitan Division:

Teams: Washington Senators, Carolina Hurricanes, Columbus Blue Jackets, New Jersey Devils, New York Islanders, New York Rangers, Philly Flyers, and The Pittsburgh Penguins.

Contenders: Washington Senators, New York Rangers, Philly Flyers, and The Pittsburgh Penguins.

Pretenders: Carolina Hurricanes, Columbus Blue Jackets, and The New York Islanders.

Breakout Team: The New York Islanders.

Why: By far the strongest division in the league, even though there are only four real contending teams, those four teams are impressive, and would stand out in all other divisions. Washington needs to rally around Alexander Ovechkin, if they can do that and give him some help and work as a team, they will be near the top. Before you freak out, I know they just fired their staff, but it’s still the same team, and they still have mad game. The Philly Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins, we know. We know.

Go Hockey.