Wildcard2013logoTonight begins the Major League Baseball playoffs. To break this down for anyone who doesn’t follow baseball, we have 30 teams divided into two leagues; the American League and the National League. The leagues have a few minor differences, but we won’t get bogged down with that. Each League is subdivided into three divisions; East, Central, and West. At the end of each year, the winners of each division are guaranteed spots in the playoffs. In each league, the two teams with the best win/loss record who didn’t win their divisions face off against each other for a spot in the playoffs called the wild card. A total of ten teams, six division champions and four wild card teams, will compete in the playoffs.

Tonight we will watch the Pittsburgh Pirates (94-68) face the Cincinnati Reds ( 90-72) in the National League Wild Card game.

Fun Fact: This is Pittsburgh’s first winning season since 1992.


Tomorrow night we can see the Cleveland Indians (92-70) face the Tampa Bay Rays (92-71) in the American League Wild Card game.

Fun Fact: The Tampa Bay Rays had to win a tie-breaker game with the Texas Rangers on Sunday night because they were tied for second play in the Wild Card standings.