SEC_new_logoAny time you flip on college football coverage you’ll hear one prevailing thought; SEC Football is king. Commentators, coaches, and players all seem to agree that the SEC is the top football conference in college, and not just barely better than other conferences but by a huge margin, like the size of Texas, huge. As a Midwest boy, growing up in the heart of B1G country, I was raised thinking how UM was the greatest football program ever, Ohio State will complete with any team across the country, and how Notre Dame is always just a season away from winning a National Championship. Now that I’ve put those childish notions away, let’s dive into the SEC. While I can’t break an entire conference down by scheme, style, or play calling, we can look at the qaulity of coaches, players, and results to get an idea of what the SEC brings to the table.
Let’s start by looking at the men leading the teams. The SEC has twelve coaches in the top 50 highest paid coaches in college football. Topping the list is Nick Saban at #1, closely followed by Les Miles at #5. Nine of the fourteen conference coaches are in the top 25. If you find yourself asking if these coaches are worth the money, the answer is unequivocally yes. Eight of the coaches are listed in the top 25 most winning currently active coaches. Those eight coaches (Malzahn, Richt, Saban, Freeze, Bielema, Miles, Spurrior, and Sumlin) all have a career Win/Loss record over .70%. In short, the coaching talent of this conference is stacked.
Next let’s look at player talent. Because I think that scouting reports are absolutely subjective I’m overing looking them. Players can become more than their measurables suggest so I’m going to judge the conference on how many players the SEC sends to the NFL. In the BCS era, the SEC has had a total of 631 players selected in the NFL draft. That averages just over 42 players going in the draft each year. Even more impressive is that more than 7 players, on average, have been selected in the first round.
Between coaches and players, we’ve got pretty compelling stats on why we can consider the SEC the best conference in college football currently. Let’s ice on this cake by taking a look at National Championships. In 1998, the BCS was adopted as the method to crown a single national champion of college football. Since 1998, 15 National Championship games have been played, and during this 15 year span, then SEC has competed in 9 National Championship games. The SEC is the only conference with teams which have won the National Championship title multiple times (Alabama – 3, Florida – 2, and LSU – 2). Finally, the only SEC has only lost one National Championship game, and that was to another SEC team when LSU lost to Alabama in 2011.
Is there anything more to say? In this current era of football, no conference can see to stack up against the SEC.