Both Brett and I had a strong start last week, as the
Game 1: LSU @ Georgia
Brett: Georgia, tough to beat a team on the road especially at Sanford Stadium. One of the loudest student section in the nation and it seems like the crowd is breathing right down the Tigers necks. LSU chokes at the end and loses the game.
Pat: I’ve said it all season, I like Georgia. I like the coaching staff, I like the quarterback and I like the way they play. This will be a high scoring affair but Georgia will come out on top.
Game 2: Oklahoma @ Notre Dame
Brett: Who are we kidding. I dont think it matter who Notre Dame plays, it’s gonna be tough for them to win many more games. Yeah they are home, but if they dont get 5+ pass interference calls from the refs OU is gonna run away with this game.
Pat: I don’t care much for Notre Dame. They had an amazing run last season, going undefeated until they were crushed by Alabama. They’ve already lost to Michigan this year, and they are going to lose again. Bob Stoops has prepared his boys and between his staunch defense and power running game, the Sooners are going to leave South Bend with the win.
Game 3: Florida St@ Boston College, do the Seminoles win by 21.5?
Brett: ***BOLD DARING PREDICTION*** Boston College is going to hang with Florida State in the first half and maybe even into the 3rd quarter before Florida State runs away with it. Florida State will win by 14.
Pat: The ACC has a funny way of flipping itself upside down at the most unlikely times. This will not be one of them. Florida State is going to beat BC, the Seminoles are way too much for Boston to handle. I think Florida State covers because Boston doesn’t have the offense to keep up with this overpowering Seminoles team.
Game 4: Texas AM @ Arkansas
Brett: My favorite player in the NCAA, Johnny Football, going up against my least favorite coach outside the B1G, Bret Bilema. This is heisman candidate Manziel against defense who recently allowed Rutgers to score 28 points, along with 350 passing yards. Manziel and his boys in a big time victory with a huge game from the one and only, Johnny Football.
Pat: Brett’s got a man-crush on Johnny Manziel, and I’m not going to judge him for that. I don’t care much for Manziel’s youthful stupidity, but I appreciate he can throw the ball. After years of insulting the SEC and claiming the Big10 is just as good, Brett Bilema got himself a coaching gig and a rude awakening. His razorbacks just don’t have the juice to keep up with AM and will lose their SEC opener.
Game 5: California @ Oregon, do the Ducks win by 36?
Brett: Yes, Oregon has the high-powered offense that we have all come accustomed to, but a 36pt spread is huge. Yes they will win, but against Cal, not +36. Let’s get real here.
Pat: Oregon has been the standard for high-powered offenses in the past few years, and they will continue their domination. They’ve put up about 60 points each game this season and Cal doesn’t have the talent or coaching to match that. However, they did put up 34 on a tough Ohio St team. I don’t see Oregon winning by more than 30 points when they host Cal Saturday evening.