This is a new feature where Brett and I are going head to head, making predictions about 5 games each week. We’ll see who does better by the end of the season.

Here are the picks:

Game 1: Boise St @ Fresno St

Brett: Fresno St, by more than a field goal

Pat: I’ve gotta take Fresno St in a close game

Game 2: Tennessee @ (19) Florida

Brett: Florida by a touchdown

Pat: I think Florida is overrated this year, not nearly as good as their #11 rank suggests. However, I’m guessing that Tennessee learns from the Oregon defeat and steals one from Florida.

Game 3: Kansas State @ Texas

Brett: KState by more than a touch down in a brutal game to watch

Pat: A few years ago, this game would have had Big12 championship game implications. Now, it’s going to be a snoozer. I’ve got Texas winning, but it’ll feel like the season is on the line on Saturday.

Game 4: Auburn @ LSU (6)

Brett: LSU dismantles Auburn

Pat: LSU wins, but not by the margin Brett believes. Les Miles by a touchdown or less

Game 5: Utah St @ USC

Brett: USC beats Utah St large!

Pat: USC sneaks by as Lane Kiffin takes a book out of Mack Brown’s book, and finds a way to earn a desperately needed win.