Week 1 had a few upsets, a few exciting games and a couple of snoozers (sorry MSU, but the weak offense + a rain delay = not watching the game). Here is what I’m planning to watch this weekend:

Saturday, Early Games:

South Florida @ MSU – Call me a sucker, but I’ll be watching in hopes that Andrew Maxwell can get it together and lead his team to a few offensive touchdowns this game. If not, this might be the last Spartan game I watch all year.

Saturday, Mid-day Games:

Oregon @ Virginia – It looks like the Ducks haven’t been this far east since the 2008 season. Even that was only to Indiana. This week the Ducks travel to the east coast to take on Virginia for their first real opponent without Chip Kelly as head coach. I expect them to win, but I don’t know if they’ll put another 60 points on the scoreboard.

Buffalo @ Baylor – After hanging with OSU  for a lot longer than anyone expected last week, while I may not actually watch the Buffs at Baylor but I will keep an eye on the scores.

South Carolina @ Georgia –  Two teams that came out of the game strong last week, but slowed down considerably by the end. I’d like to see if Jadaveon Clowney is able to push around the bulldog’s O-line. I’d also like to see how Aaron Murray stacks up against the Gamecocks secondary.

Saturday, Late Games:

Notre Dame @ UM – One of the final match ups between midwest rivals, this should be good. Michigan is a better team than last year and has a good change at dropping the Irish down a peg or two after their undefeated season last year.