Over the course of this season Brian Kelly has had a comments about Notre Dame ending it’s regular match up with the University of Michigan after next season. After 40 games to date, 31 games since the rivalry was rekindled in 1969, it seems like a shame because this is always a high profile game, even when neither team is ranked.

So much of sports news is manufactured. Athletes will tweet something, make an comment off-the-cuff, or not tip at starbucks and it somehow makes headlines on ESPN.This is where the actual news ends, the filler begins, and I explain the reason for this post:

What else is a news outlet do but call up former UM football players to get their thoughts on the ending of the series. The first, and arguably most recognizable, athlete who picked up the phone and made a comment was Denard Robinson. His comment was “we’ve got to say Ohio the biggest one, Notre Dame and Michigan State, our little brothers.”

As a Spartan-alum, of course I’ve got an opinion. I agree that OSU is the biggest rival for UM. The two schools have a ton of history between coaches, and some years in recent history where both teams were ranked in the top 10, it made the rivalry fiercer.

Notre Dame is also a big game, if not always because of national significance, it is the meeting of two historic programs, and two gigantic egos. This series was reborn in the late 70s to try and boost ticket sales, but it blossomed into something special.

Finally, he list MSU third. This is UM’s interstate rival. A team that owned the rivalry in the 50s and 60s, went back and forth in the mid 80s to late 90s, and after giving up six straight in the early 00s only to take four in a row recently. I only mention that last part because three of those losses took place under Denard’s watch. To give him his due, Robinson was the most exciting college football athlete to watch in the past four years. He could just as easily toss a pass as tuck it and run. But let’s be honest, during Denard’s four year career, he beat MSU once. The little brother taunt was understandable when Mike Hart made it after his forth and final victory over MSU as a UM wolverine. Denard was spanked by MSU three times. He played poorly in all three of those games, and for a man whose claim to fame is offense, he snuck by  in a 12-10 victory in the forth game.

Denard Robinson was a very classy college player. He put up monster offensive numbers on the field, and kept his head down off the field. Robinson was never the source of controversy or trouble for his four year career. In comparison to his college quarterback contemporaries like Johnny Manziel and Terrelle Pryor, he’s like a saint. I ask by what right, after giving him three losses and his worst four college football games, does he call MSU a little brother?