I won’t try to argue Johnny Football didn’t deserve the Heisman last season. After throwing 3706 yards and 26 touchdowns, as well as rushing 1410 yards for 21 touchdowns during the 2012 season, the only other real quarterback contender was Tajh Boyd, who had 3896 yards for 36 TDs in the air and 514 yards for 10 TDs on the ground. Tajh’s problem was that he plays for Clemson. As we all know, the ACC gets less respect than the Big10 in the media.

But, has Johnny Football gone off the deep end? Last fall I read an article about his modest roots, growing up in America’s heartland, going to church, and respecting his parents. It was a touching story about a simple back-road country kid realizing the American Dream. Unfortunately, the dream is over and it’s time to wake up. Johnny Manziel seems to be just a regular college guy with regular college guy problems. This summer has revealed cracks in the young man’s facade. Between his twitter and instagram accounts, it seems he isn’t the squeaky-clean farm boy he was made out to be. Personally, I thought he may be the second coming of Tebow, a high profile athlete that publicly doesn’t drink, do drugs, or sleeps with throngs of women. That does not seem to be the case. Between the tweets that talk about leaving A&M, the instagram photo fanning out cash at a casino and the infamous absence and dismissal from the Manning Football camp this summer, some of the shine has worn off. He has even had his own Taiwanese animated news clip about this.



Regardless of off the field hijinks, should Manziel be able to progress on the field, there isn’t any reason why he should win the Heisman again before leaving for the NFL. Assuming A&M has done it’s job recruiting, it isn’t hard to believe he has a National Championship in his future.