Ok Sportsfan, we are a month and a half away from week 1 of college football. A mere 49 days until the greatest sport on earth resumes, and joy is spread around the united states. Only 1,176 hours before pig(skins) fly.

That means we only have a short while to start game-planning which weekends we spend at the BOX and which games are going to catch our attention. (Probably not the box, they don’t have any TVs to watch from the bar)
Week 1 Game Preview
8/30 FRIDAY NIGHT: I’m going to the WMU@MSU game with my dad, its OK to be jealous. Hopefully it’s a blow out, but my dad went to Western so it should be fun.
Rice vs Texas A&M? I think this game only counts so we can see if preseason Johnny Football can return to form and throw 6 touchdowns before his coach pulls him from the game, in the first quarter.
OK St@Miss St. An early SEC vs Big 12 match up. This all depends where either team falls in ranking.
Nicholls@Oregon – 2 reasons. 1) See if the ducks are any good without Chip Kelly. 2) If they are, this game may break the record for most points scored.
VTech@Bama. Roll Tide! Double National Champions take on a middle of the road ACC team. I think VT will be in the game until kick off.
No games that start at 7:00/7:30 look interesting…
Clemson@Georgia – Rumble of the southern-East Coast power houses… Last year’s top 3 of the SEC vs Top 2 of the ACC. This could prove to be a good game, if Clemson figures out how to play football this year.
TCU@LSU – The team you love to hate is taking on the coach you love to make fun of. We’ll see if Les Miles scattered mind comes back this year to take care of this pesky, second-rate, non-AQ conference bowl-bound team, or if the Tiger fans are doomed to another disappointing 2 loss season.
9/1 and 9/2
The only College Football games which I recognize as legit when played on Sunday or Monday are Bowl Games